Query API

The Query API provides hook-based access to APIs with automatic caching and request deduplication backed by Bounce’s state management mechanism.


Bounce does not provide an implementation of HTTP Client.

You can use reqwest or gloo-net if your backend is using Restful API.

For GraphQL servers, you can use graphql-client in conjunction with reqwest.


A query is a state cached by an Input and queried automatically upon initialisation of the state and re-queried when the input changes.

Queries are usually tied to idempotent methods like GET, which means that they should be side-effect free and can be cached.

If your endpoint modifies data, you need to use a mutation.

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A hook to run a mutation and subscribes to its result.

A mutation is a state that is not started until the run method is invoked. Mutations are usually used to modify data on the server.

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